Dr Rafi's Hair Regrowth Treatment


DR RAFI started researching hair loss (pattern baldness) in men and women more than 12 years ago when he noticed a very high percentage of male and female allergy patients suffering from pattern baldness and additional scalp irritation.

Scheduling a Consultation

To schedule an in-person hair loss consultation, you may either fill out the Consultations form or call us at 310-459-5140. Our front office staff will do their best to accommodate your schedule and assist you with general questions.

Before Your Consult

Prior to your hair loss consultation, it is necessary to provide basic information and medical history. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled consultation. At that time, our staff will provide you with some forms to fill out.

Patients often ask if they need to bring anything to their appointment (e.g. photos of you with a full head of hair, photographs of your mother’s father, or hair samples). It is not necessary to bring anything with you to your appointment.

Consultation with DR RAFI

Your evaluation will be with DR RAFI. We do not have consultants or salespeople. DR RAFI will listen to your concerns regarding your hair loss, take a careful history, and ask you about your desires and expectations. You will have plenty of opportunity in the consult to ask any questions that you may have about your hair loss and its treatment. Each consultation comes with a bottle of DR RAFI Hair Regrowth & Scalp Health Formula to get you on your way to regrowing your own hair.

Diagnosis & Discussion

After you are examined, the doctor will diagnose your hair loss and offer specific treatment recommendations, which may include topical treatments and prescription medications. It is important to note that DR RAFI will only recommend treatments based on what they think are your best options taking into account your age, and your present and anticipated degree of hair loss. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about these procedures. Together with the doctor, you will develop a master plan that is tailored to address your current and future needs.


The hair loss consultation should take about a half an hour. Upon leaving your consult you will have a much better understanding of the causes of your hair loss, its state, and specific courses of treatment. Printed information will be provided when appropriate. Payment for the consultation is expected at the conclusion of the consult. Medical insurance is not accepted, however, our staff will provide you with a form that you can submit to your insurance carrier.

If would like to set up an appointment, you may fill out our Consultations Form or call us at 310-459-5140.