Whether your hair is thinning or your scalp is in poor
health, DR RAFI’S Formula quickly starts regrowing
your own hair, focusing on scalp HEALTH, not just
hair LOSS.

DR RAFI Hair Regrowth & Scalp Health Treatment Serum Formula Buy 2 Bottles and Get 1 Free


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Start Now and See Hair Growth in Just a Few Weeks.

Regardless of what state of hair loss you’re in, Dr. Rafi can help. From a slightly receding hairline to complete baldness, DR RAFI Hair Therapy has been scientifically developed to reverse hair loss.

Active Ingredients:

  • Quercetin
  • Redensyl
  • Procapil

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Bottle Size – 50 ML

Buy 2 Get One Free

In stock

Buy 2 of DR RAFI Hair Regrowth & Scalp Health Treatment Serum Formula Buy 2 Bottles and Get 1 Free get 1 of DR RAFI Hair Regrowth & Scalp Health Treatment Serum Formula Single Bottle free

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Start Now and See Hair Growth in Just a Few Weeks.

About This Item
FOR THICK AND STRONG HAIR – Dr Rafi’s intensive hair growth serum is an expert formula developed after years of research, mainly targeting to scalp treatment and the richness of your hair. The follicle stimulator lotion features a mix of 3 natural active ingredients that protect and calm the scalp, prevent hair loss while also promoting follicle regeneration and hair growth.
HAIR THICKENING PRODUCT – Our hair loss treatment is a topical formula designed to act as a vasodilator and UV protectant, while also calming skin irritation. The hair regrowth treatment can also minimize itching, irritation, burning, and rashes.
ALL HAIR TYPES – We wanted to make sure that everyone can enjoy thick and luscious hair, which is why our hair treatment lotion can be applied to all hair types. Curly, wavy, fine, or straight, this anti hair loss lotion is effective on all scalps.
UNIQUE INGREDIENTS – Our professional hair regrowth serum is formulated with Quercetin, Redensyl, and Procapil. These ingredients work together to reverse hair loss by reducing the overgrowth on the scalp, prevent damage caused by UV exposure, work on dihydrotestosterone excess, and improve vasoconstriction of the blood vessels that supply the hair follicle.
EASY TO APPLY – This hair loss treatment for men and women has a hydrating texture that is easy to apply directly on the scalp, as close to the hair roots as possible. The 50ml glass bottle features a practical pump that allows you to get the perfect amount of lotion each time without wasting any product.

Active Ingredients:

  • Quercetin
  • Redensyl
  • Procapil

Bottle Size – 50 ML

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9 reviews for DR RAFI Hair Regrowth & Scalp Health Treatment Serum Formula Buy 2 Bottles and Get 1 Free

  1. Wendy Sullivan

    I have fine hair and I’d been struggling with really bad itchy and flaky scalp issues, especially around my hairline, for over a year. I kept trying different things but nothing was doing the trick…until I tried this! I never write amazon reviews but this stuff worked so well I just had to. After 3 uses my flakes are gone! Itchiness gone! I’m so RELIEVED! My hair finally feels like it’s on the mend.

  2. Amazon Customer

    My wife used this for the first time at the weekend and was very pleased with the result, excellent customer service from The Salon Hair Regrowth good profducts

  3. Christine O.

    Hair Regrowth love this products

  4. Sarah May

    I’ve been using this for years. Nothing else comes close and I’ve tried just about every popular curl preparation trying to avoid paying this price tag but I’ve wasted so much money on products that didn’t come close to these results. I have coarse, curly Native American hair. You’d never know. Cause my curls look defined, soft and are totally touchable. This cuts the frizz and gives magical results when used appropriately. Hair Regrowth best product

  5. Striving for Fair & Balanced

    I’ve always had straight to slightly wavy hair until I underwent chemo. My hair grew back curly (Hair Regrowth Temple ringlet curly). I had no idea how to care for it because brushing it made it frizzy but not brushing it made 1/2 of it look unkempt. This product is the answer! It allows me to let my hair dry naturally, and as long as I only use a tiny bit and massage it into all my hair, my hair no longer looks unkempt when I don’t brush it. That allows the curls to look shiny, bouncy and perfectly curled. Hair Regrowth good products

  6. Sary_Monster

    I bought this on recommendation from a friend. I thought it wouldn’t be a lot of Hair Regrowth product but if you are using a quarter sized amount, its going to last a while. Smells nice and gives me the curl I was looking for. Nice curl, not crispy, adds some volume. Make sure you scrunch well- keep it on the tips and mid hair- not through the scalp- will weigh down the top.

  7. Wicked Kitty

    I have thick, very curly, Hair Regrowth blonde hair that didn’t do much for me. Then I tried this curl building serum and BAM! My curls sprung to life, sister! I scrunch it into my damp hair, upside down, flip up, a little adjustment here & there, then keep my paws off until dry, do a little upside down fluff, and I have springy, Hair Regrowth , beautiful curls! That last for days, by the way! This stuff is terrific, and I only need about the size of a nickel to get the job done, so it’s not only effective, it’s economical too. Plus, it also smells Hair Regrowth good products

  8. Audrey S.

    I’ve used the Hair Regrowth Alchemic Silver mask and All In One Milk for ages but didn’t know they had this curl serum until recently. It is truly amazing. I have 2c/3a hair and it’s in very good condition but as I’m growing out a pixie cut it has trouble really curling well from all the weight on the top of my head. This, along with my other Hair Regrowth products, makes them spring up so nicely and it leaves my hair soft and shiny too.

    It’s pretty lightweight and has a gel-like texture. I use a very small amount for my hair and just kind of tousle and scrunch it in. You really don’t need much. Humidity control is pretty good too! I live in Texas and work with power-washers a lot so my hair tends to frizz and poof up but this has kept that really minimal for me so far.

    Also, I like that it doesn’t dull my color! A lot of curl creams or products can make my bleached platinum blonde appear mattified or flat but this leaves my hair shiny after scrunching out the crunch.

  9. Nicole

    It’s a bit crunchy at first when it dries, but you can tussle it and soften it up. Love it as usual per their stuff!

    I decided to bring back the natural curls and it’s really tough to did the products that work for your hair. I have 3c curls underneath and closer to 3b curls at the crown. This works great to hold while it dries and then fluff it up so the curls are nice and soft for a few days after.
    If you’re like me and gate the frizz, try using a smoothing cream to mix and see how that does for you. It works great for me. I just use a little water to run through with my fingers the next day and it reactivates nicely helping to hold down some of the frizz. Hair Regrowth

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